With this year’s special focus on the future of sustainable mining, exploration, legislation, financing and technical developments, the Forum will also include discussions on the social consequences and benefits of mining, and on environmental questions.

The Forum will bring together delegates working in mineral exploration and in the mining industries, including at mining and metallurgical companies and industrial associations, as well as politicians, regulators, financiers, investors, experts, and representatives of the universities, and service and equipment suppliers.

We are always open to new ideas that can make the forum more topical, relevant and productive. In our humble opinion, the success of the Forum reflects the success of the industry. We live and work by the win-win principle. To those who share our vision, we are always ready for partnership.

Key Themes

  • The future of sustainable raw materials supply for European markets.
  • The electrification revolution: opportunities for building energy metals capacity to satisfy future demand.
  • The development of responsible mining policy frameworks to reduce environmental footprint of mining and post-mining activities.
  • New generations of waste and water management solutions for mining.
  • Smarter greenfield and brownfield exploration as the key for unlocking mineral potential.
  • The challenge of digital and sustainable transformation in the mining industry.
  • Creating sustainable intelligent mining systems.
  • Improving production efficiency through real-time information.
  • Case studies and breakthrough technologies that have potential to scale in the European mining market.
  • The investment potential of the development of junior exploration in the Balkans and beyond.
  • Research and innovation as an enabler for the future of sustainable raw materials supply.
  • The nexus between industry, academia and research: competence building and new skills requirements.

Arthur Poliakov
Executive Chairman, MINEX Forum Secretariat